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Roessink Interior Landscaping offers clean air guarantee

Roessink Interior Landscaping offers clean air guarantee

Roessink Interior Landscaping offers clean air guarantee

We at Roessink Interior Landscaping believe that nature should again become part of the status-quo to create an actual balance between society and nature. When we combine bio-inspired innovation with technological innovations we can create new innovations which are both ethically responsible and functional.

Our products

Roessink Interior Landscaping now offers sensors which can monitor climate conditions that we feel are important for improving the air quality in buildings. Next to communication with a smart air circulation system, they produce datasets which enable companies to monitor changes in their environment conditions real-time.  These can be viewed in an online web-app where companies have their own dashboard. The datasets are displayed graphically – as shown on the right. If a company wants us to store this data we can offer them a premium-app which allows data to be stored or read out for weeks, months or even years.

Climate sensor

Our sensors measure:

  1. tVOC-values (total VOS-values) in parts per billion. The maximum value of the sensor is 1100ppb (parts per billion) values of more than 1ppm = 1000ppb, where VOCs become problematic.
  2. Relative humidity in %
  3. Temperature in ° C
  4. CO2 in parts per million (ppm) 400-5000ppm

Air circulation unit

An air circulation unit with integrated installation lighting has been developed for the green walls. The factory lighting is integrated because light conditions are extremely important for the growth and wellbeing of the plants. When the climate sensors measure VOC-values which exceed the threshold value set by the company, both ventilators in the air circulation will be activated and more air will start to circulate through the green wall. This facilitates the air stream with absorbed volatile organic substances. The climate sensor and the air circulation unit connect wirelessly for communication with each other.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via contact for more information about the possibilities in your office.