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Care and maintenance

Roessink Interior Landscaping takes care of all the activities related to indoor greenery, including the entire care and maintenance. Indoor greenery has become part of our interior and therefore an increasingly vital element in our lives. Smoothly, professionally and unnoticed the horticulturists of Roessink Interior Landscape will take care of the maintenance of your indoor planting. This ensures that the climate of the working environment in your organisation remains optimal.

The activities of Roessink Interior Landscaping include:

  • Pruning indoor greenery
  • Turning and tying up interior plants
  • Watering and feeding the indoor greenery.
  • Checking the water meters
  • Spraying and dusting the indoor greenery
  • Biological control of plant pests

Plant replacement, if required

Plants purify the air and enhance the interior environment in a natural way. Do you want tailor-made maintenance plan for your company? Then please contact us.