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Green walls

Green walls, trendsetting and innovative

In recent years, green walls have become trendsetting in innovative architecture. Already during the design phase of new buildings or renovation projects, (interior) architects take into account the possibility of integrating indoor greenery. The splendid decorative and representative creation not only has an immediate effect on people but it also functional. An innovative partition wall with temperature and noise insulation contributes to a healthy and pleasant air quality.

Roessink Interior Landscaping has tested many systems in recent years and is now going to work with a system that has proven itself worldwide. The system is suitable for both interior and exterior installation and offers many possibilities.

Green walls are the perfect solution for monotonous walls, or for areas with little space for beautiful planters. People in a green environment work better, they are happier, more cheerful and have less stress.

The benefits of green walls

  • This vertical solution does not require much space.
  • Green walls have a positive impact on your indoor climate
  • Indoor greenery reduces employee sickness by 15%
  • Air purification and production of oxygen
  • A green wall acts as a natural acoustic damper
  • The green wall produced by Roessink Interior Landscaping is made from 100% recycled material. In addition, we offer the best all-inclusive price per square metre in the Netherlands!

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