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FAQ – Moss Walls

Frequently Asked Questions – Moss Walls

How much does a moss wall cost?

The prices of moss walls differ depending on the design, size and edge finishing. For more information, please contact us via

How is a moss wall constructed?

All moss panels are hand-made by us. Each tuft of moss is stapled separately on to the wooden panel, in order to create a wonderful natural look.

Does a moss wall have an acoustic effect?

Moss is naturally sound-absorbing. We mount the moss on eco board panels which increases the sound absorption effect even further. We can also add extra insulation material between the moss and the eco board.

Does a moss wall need maintenance or watering?

A moss wall is virtually maintenance free, and because the moss is preserved it retains its colour. You only need to enjoy the visual effect. In case of impact damage just contact us at

What are the benefits of a moss wall?

  1. If maintained properly, moss walls have a long life span.
  2. A moss wall can act as a fire retardant
  3. Moss walls can be applied on ceilings, as cladding on columns, as an eye-catcher in an entrance hall or conference room or as a partition wall.
  4. Reduces the noise level.

Is the Norwegian reindeer moss still alive?

Norwegian reindeer moss is no longer alive but has been treated so that it keeps its shape, stays soft and retains its natural colour.

I notice differences in colour of the moss, is this normal?

Moss is a natural product, and due to differences in texture, the colour absorption varies and causes slight colour differences. The colour samples may differ from the actual colour.

Does the moss remain soft?

Because the moss has been preserved it keeps its softness at normal humidity levels. If the humidity level drops below 30% the moss may temporarily become dehydrated, and will be more susceptible to damage. As soon as the humidity increases, the moss will regain its softness.

Do moss walls attract insects?

Due to the method of preservation and the saline solution that is used, the moss becomes slightly greasy. This means that insects do not like to live in the moss.

Does Roessink provide any warranty on the moss they deliver?

Roessink Interior Landscaping provides a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase/installation.