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About us

Roessink Interior Landscaping is leading in the field of interior landscaping.

The company provides and maintains the interior landscaping in the work and living environments of a wide range of organisations throughout europe. We create a healthy environment that inspires the people who work and live there. We provide an environment where people can perform optimally while at the same time feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Roessink Interior Landscaping is a member of the VHG trade association and is NL Green Label certified.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Roessink Interior Landscaping is aware of its responsibility to run a sustainable business. This is reflected in all aspects of our overall business strategy. We start at the source, with the cultivation of the project plants in our energy-producing greenhouses with ‘solar panels’. All business operations are aimed at being carbon neutral. We do this, for example, by biologically controlling pests and diseases in plants. We check if our suppliers carry an Ecolabel and we use, as far as possible, recyclable materials.


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Gerrit Roessink

Gerrit Roessink
M: +31(0)6 – 53 72 50 97